For more than 65 years, Claybourn Walters Logging Company, Inc. has been proudly serving landowners with a full array of forestry and brokerage services. Our professional land and timber buyers are located throughout the Carolinas and are available to assist with any of your timber harvesting needs. Over six decades of industry experience has awarded us an unrivaled reputation for quality, value and integrity.

Sell your Timber


Receive substantial financial returns by responsibly harvesting your timber with certified logging crews


Receive substantial financial returns by responsibly harvesting your timber with certified logging crews


Ensure stability for future generations by replanting harvested timber tracts with new seedlings

Timber harvesting Plan

Walk the Property

Every property is unique. We like to walk each tract with the landowner as an initial effort to understand exactly how and where they would like our work to be conducted. It is important to know both the property and the landowner before we get started.

Maps & Contacts

It is important to obtain up-to-date parcel maps to ensure our work is in compliance. We like to go a step further and contact all neighboring landowners and relevant environmental agencies so that they are aware of our harvesting. As with any business, communication is key.

Field Work

We take the time to get the job done right. It is our responsibility to flag property boundaries, identify any stream and flood zones and determine any further hazards that may exist on the property before bringing any logging crews on-site.


The number one goal in harvesting timber is to complete the job as safely and efficiently as possible while obtaining the most value for your forest products. We are in constant communication with our certified logging crews and can be reached by landowners at any time.

Learn about the industry

Claybourn Walters Logging Company, Inc. implements industry-developed Best Management Practices (BMPs) to insure that future generations will benefit from healthy forests, clean air and water, recreational opportunities, and of course, timber products. To learn more about industry as a whole, visit the links provided or review our frequently asked questions.


We strive to exceed all safety standards through continued training, smart recruiting, communication at all levels, and constant maintenance of our equipment.


All harvesting operations are conducted under strict guidelines and regulations designed to protect the environment at every level.


Timber harvesting is carried out in a manner that protects water quality, promotes wildlife habitat, and encourages future timber growth.

Our outstanding reputation is based upon a long history of providing quality work. We will provide you with:

  • An on site visit to plan initial operations
  • Highly trained and certified contract logging crews
  • All necessary documentation, contracts, payments etc throughout the operation
  • Safe, efficient and highly technical equipment
  • Quality site preparation, road work, and harvesting in an efficient and responsible manner
  • Recommendations on replanting options upon completion

We continue to emphasize the importance of safety by:

  • Requiring all crews attend their state’s certification course and keep them active
  • Recruiting skilled professionals with a provide track record
  • Ensuring every logging crew is operating with all the necessary insurance documents
  • Providing any necessary support to keep equipment in up and running safely

You can rest assured that only trained professionals are at work on your land.

Wildlife habitat conditions are of top priority when harvesting and managing land. We work to promote habitat by:

  • Leaving buffer zones for rare or endangered species of plants and animals
  • Avoiding direct crossings of streams and wetland areas
  • Thinning forests to allow more sunlight and nutrient growth to reach to forest floor
  • Laying down native seed and grasses on deck areas where soil has been disturbed

Timber sales and management plans can be very beneficial to wildlife if handled carefully and responsibly. Proper timber management will enhance a forest’s suitability for many forms of wildlife. Claybourn Walters Logging Co., Inc. strives to ensure that wildlife habitat is protected while timber production is enhanced. It is in everyone’s best interest if we can create a balance between the two.

Claybourn Walters Logging Co., Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment. We ensure environmental stability by:

  • Leaving buffer zones so as not to disturb any sensitive environmental areas
  • Making as little impact as possible to the ground cover so as to prevent erosion and runoff
  • Openly communicating with the forest service and other governing bodies to ensure all work is done in compliance with environmental laws
  • Using Best Management Practice (BMP’s) guidelines as written out by the Forest Service and keeping a field guide onsite for reference
  • Avoiding direct crossings of streams and wetland areas if at all possible
  • Laying down native seed and grasses over disturbed areas to create stability and ground cover

We meet, and often exceed all applicable environmental lows and regulations. But we don’t stop there. We respect all requirements, whether mandated by law or not, to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. All of our harvesting operations are conducted under very strict guidelines and regulations designed to protect the environment.

Claybourn Walters Logging Co., Inc. is proud of our environmental record!

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for forestry operations were created by the Forest Service in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act. The practices represent the minimum standards necessary for protecting and maintaining the water quality as well as some wildlife habitat values while conducting forestry activities. Among other things, BMPs were designed to provide guidance in:

  • Planning
  • Erosion and Runoff Control
  • Streamside Management Zones (SMZs)
  • Roads, Skid Trails and Logging Decks
  • Fire, Waste and Spill Controll
  • Who to Contact

Claybourn Walters Logging Co., Inc. encourages landowners to replant their property after a mature harvest. There are a few steps that are involved with replanting. The process includes:

  • Contacting your local reforestation company or consulting forester to begin the planning process.
  • Preparing the ground for new seedlings. It will be necessary to control all competing vegetation with fire, herbicides, or heavy equipment.
  • Replanting your property with seedlings. A team of professionals will effeciantly replant all viable areas of your property with seedlings. This process can be done by machine or by hand depending on soil conditions and site preparation.
  • Periodic inspection of the seedlings will be required to insure proper growth and protection until they are well established.